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V & J Holding Companies, Inc.



V & J Foods, Inc., a Burger King franchisee, was founded in 1982 by Valerie Daniels-Carter and John Daniels, Jr. The company commenced operations in 1984 with a single Burger King restaurant and has grown into a 38-store operation, 12 units located in Metropolitan Milwaukee, and 26 units located in Metropolitan Detroit, eight of which were acquired in 2001 (V & J Foods of Michigan II, LLC).


V & J National Enterprises, LLC and V & J United Enterprises, LLC are Pizza Hut franchisees, founded in 1997 and 1999, respectively. The Syracuse, Rochester, Albany and western Massachussetts markets operate 64 restaurants and 4 non-traditional sites collectively.


V & J Holding Companies, Inc. (V & J) is the largest female-owned franchise organization in the U.S., as well as the largest minority-owned Pizza Hut franchisee in the U.S. With all restaurants combined, V & J is one of the largest restaurant franchise companies in the country.


V&J attributes its success to focused and committed employees, great values, and efficient operations. Each affiliated company within the V&J group has direct management to assure efficient and prompt customer satisfaction. Our company motto is “YATSE” (You Are the Standard of Excellence).


V&J is a team player and corporate leader. The company has received numerous awards and has been showcased in many national publications. We are most proud of our people who are tenured and experienced within the fast food industry. Our teams consistently deliver excellent results within their operational footprint, be it urban, suburban or a rural marketplace.


V&J’s senior management team is a professional group of individuals that are highly respected in the market place. This seasoned group is committed to the continual development of our organization. The restaurant management group of V&J is talented and mature – each committed to his/her areas of responsibility. In addition to senior management, the company employs a number of certified technicians in maintenance, technology, physical plant and finance. Our office administrative support teams embrace the vision by ensuring efficient operations within our regional offices and corporate headquarters.


The company prides itself on its involvement in civic, educational, and promotional activities. V&J is committed to sharing its experiences with other operators, entrepreneurs, franchise owners, and the youth.

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