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At V & J, we recognize that the restaurant business is a "people business." We understand that people are the critical links to our ultimate success. Therefore, we strive to develop the knowledge and skills of each employee so that our restaurants exemplify the standard of excellence. When you join V & J as a Team Member or a Manager, you will be challenged to contribute to the success of your restaurant.


Team Member Opportunities


V & J provides more than just a job. We provide an opportunity to grow a million-dollar business. We aim to provide a fun, friendly environment in which your production and people skills can develop.


Management Opportunities


As a Manager, V & J will work with you to improve upon your business management skills. V & J will emphasize the importance of working with all types of people and motivating towards one common goal: A successful, profitable restaurant. Running a million-dollar business is a serious responsibility. To maximize the potential of our managers, we focus the critical skills of hiring, retention, restaurant controls, local store marketing and people leadership. With the support of V & J's senior operations team, we empower Managers to be "Owners" of their restaurant enterprises.

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